#loveislouder than violence – uniting for Boston

Today, our thoughts are with Boston. Acts of violence can feel overwhelming, scary and confusing. It can help to do something positive that makes us feel connected to others. We will maintain a list on this page of ways that you can donate or take action to help our friends in Boston.

But, right now, we can all send our messages of support and healing. Take a Love is Louder or Love is Louder than Violence picture and post it on our Facebook page, or post it on Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram with the hashtags #loveislouder and #boston. Write “We Love You Boston” on your hand or make a sign. Take a picture alone or with your friends, organization, school or community. It’s a way to do something positive to help us all cope with the tragedy and loss.

Our friends in Newtown have told us that the outpouring of support and love is helping them get through a devastating time. Let’s make sure Boston and everyone affected by this tragedy feels the same.

If you or someone you know are having a hard time coping with this tragedy, visit www.halfofus.com for information and resources.

Our friends at TakePart.com have put together a list of other ways you can donate and take action to help out.