Time for a #loveislouder soundcheck…

We love music.  In fact, we’re working on a Love is Louder playlist right now.  But recently, online talk about pop music has gotten kinda ugly.  Feuds, insults, passing along unflattering images and spreading rumors.  Instead of rallying behind the artists and songs we like, too many fans (and fandoms) have taken to attacking the artists (and fans) they don’t like.

Every time we tweet or post something, we’re making a choice about how we use our voice.  Are we providing opinions on things we do and don’t like, or are we intentionally trying to be insulting, outrageous or damaging?  Here’s what we know:

  • Knocking down another artist doesn’t make our favorite artists more successful.
  • When we share photos and videos of people behaving and performing in a way that we don’t think is OK, all we really do is give them more attention.  Instead of retweeting something you don’t like, post something you do like.
  • We can exchange opinions on what artists and songs we like or don’t like without fighting.

So if you want to join us in amplifying the positive and turning down the negative, then click the box below to say you’ll do a #loveislouder soundcheck before you post or tweet.  This means you’ll think twice before spreading rumors, calling names, getting involved in feuds or bringing more attention to stuff we think is not OK.

So turn up your best song ever, roar, applaud or whatever works (or twerks) for you, but do a #loveislouder soundcheck and let’s turn down the negative stuff.

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