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Through the Love is Louder movement, The Jed Foundation wants to build on and expand the media discussions around issues like bullying, negative self-image and discrimination. Frequently you cover these issues, often in connection with teenagers and young adults who are in pain or who have hurt themselves.  Each person’s story is unique and complex, but they all feel mistreated, misunderstood, alone or not good enough.  To change and save lives, we must tackle not only the negative voices and pressures that cause pain, but the feelings themselves…and how we deal with those feelings.


Love is Louder was launched in 2010 by The Jed Foundation, MTV and actress Brittany Snow.  The movement works online, through the media and in communities to strengthen emotional health by building resiliency, creating connectedness, promoting acceptance and empowering others to support their peers.  Love is Louder has already inspired hundreds of thousands of people around the world to take actions that will help them feel more connected, be more resilient, help others and reach out for support if needed.


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