Love is Louder is Hitting the Road

Members of the Love is Louder team, including Courtney Knowles and co-founder Brittany Snow, are boarding a RV and hitting the road to hear your stories and take actions with you that support Love is Louder’s main goals:

  • Prevent bullying and help us deal with feeling mistreated
  • Help us overcome personal challenges like self-esteem issues, depression and anxiety
  • Help us cope with tough times, tragedy and loss
  • Inspire us to take action to support each other
  • Create more inclusive communities and schools 

Every day of our little tour, we will be taking actions that help us all feel empowered, inspired and connected. And we want you to join us — regardless of where you live. We will share each day’s action on Facebook and Twitter. You can also follow along on Tumblr or Instagram (@loveislouderpics) to get pictures and updates from the road.  You can also check out the latest actions below!

We also want your suggestions for little things we can do (good deeds/acts of kindness) along the way.  Post the suggestions on our FB wall or tweet them to us at @loveislouder and we will turn every meal and gas station stop into an opportunity to help others.  Little actions can have a huge impact and we want you all to take those actions with us.

Here’s a basic overview of our travel schedule (unfortunately we won’t have time to do public events in all locations):

Sat 4/20 & Sun 4/21 – New York City

Mon 4/22 – Newtown, CT & Philadelphia, PA

Tues 4/23 – Baltimore, MD

Wed 4/24 – Winston Salem, NC

Fri 4/26 – New Orleans

Of course we will be driving through many cities along the way.  So if you live along our route and have an idea for a quick Love is Louder project or a story about how you’ve overcome a challenge like bullying, depression or self-esteem issues, email us at  We will try to fit in as many people and activities as we can!



Earlier this year, advocates from Newtown, CT reached out to us for ideas about using Love is Louder to help their community heal after tragedy.  This video tells the story of how we worked together.  Today we are going to meet with Kara and the advocates of Newtown to talk about ways we can work together to show support Boston as they heal from their tragedy.  We are asking all our followers to take Love is Louder than Violence or We Love Boston pictures and share them on our Facebook page or on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr with the hashtags #loveislouder and #boston.  Here are some sample photos that have already been shared.


Today we are hanging out with students from Trinity High School who inspired Straight Up Love is Louder — a video and action campaign to make schools more inclusive for everyone, especially the LGBTQ community.  So we want everyone to make and share Straight Up Love is Louder videos.  You can learn more and upload your video here!


Many of us joined our friends at GLSEN in the Day of Silence today to help end name-calling, bullying and discrimination.  We want today to be a day of LOUDNESS.  Help turn up the volume by getting your friends, classmates, co-workers or family together and taking the loudest #loveislouder pictures ever.  Or get creative and take one by yourself!  Thousands of people from around the world have shared their #loveislouder pics and we want to kick off our tour by decorating the inside of our RV with new pics from you.  One of our tour sponsors, Chaz Dean, and his team already sent us their pic (below).  Post yours to our FB page or tag it with #loveislouder on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr.  If you’re in NYC, stay tuned for an opportunity to join up with us to make some noise.